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About SemiSurvivalCraft

SemiSurvivalCraft is a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server.

We aim to provide the best Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft experience with a few extra protections and amenities. Our goal is to do one thing and do it well, we have no plans on expanding into other Minecraft game types. If you do have a suggestion on how to improve the current server or need support with something then don't hesitate to contact us via our support email.

If you enjoy playing on SemiSurvivalCraft and wish to support us then checkout our donation store. Get unlimited Homes and access to the /back command with our monthly SUB rank or view our item packages which include monster spawners. Can't donate? Don't worry about it; we love you all the same and want to thank you for playing on our Semi Vanilla Minecraft server. Voting is still a great way to support SemiSurvivalCraft and also get a free in game gift.



Everyone starts off with 1000 claim blocks to claim their starting area. Get an extra +250 claim blocks every hour you are logged into the server. You also get an extra +50 claim blocks every time you vote. There is a maximum of 100'000 claims blocks to be acquired from playtime. There is no limit to the amount of claim blocks you can receive from voting or from our donation store.

Minecraft Claims

Grief Prevention

We use the Minecraft "GriefPrevention" plugin to make sure that your claims are always protected. Whenever you make a claim you will be the only player that is able to mine, place, or use blocks within that claim. /trust your friends to give them access to your claims. You are always protected from PVP while inside your claims however you can still die from mobs, fire, etc...

Grief Prevention


Homes allow you to save positions that you can teleport to at anytime. Everyone starts with a single Home and gains +1 extra home every time they rank up. Voting for the first time will instantly grant you the Player rank and unlock access to your second Home. Use /sethome to create a home and /home to teleport to that home. Get Unlimited Homes with our SUB rank from our donation store.

MyServer KitPvP Server


Player VS Player combat is enabled on SemiSurvivalCraft but only during the night. You are always protected from PVP inside of your own claims however remember that other players are able to kill you at night if you are outside of your claims (or in theirs). During the day PVP is disabled. You will hear the Minecraft cave sound when the night begins and a Chicken cluck when the day begins.


NPC Market

SemiSurvivalCraft does not use an economy plugin and relies on players trading items with each other. However we do offer an NPC market which is located at /spawn. You are able to sell and buy a wide range of different blocks and items using Iron and Gold. We have this market to make sure that even your largest build ideas are still within range.

NPC Market

Donation Shop

Support SemiSurvivalCraft by purchasing an Item package or our SUB rank.

SUB is an in game rank which lasts for 30 days. Players with the SUB rank are able to set an unlimited amount of homes and are also able to use the /back command to teleport back to their body if they die. SUB stands for Subscriber and it is an excellent way to support our server. SUB donations go directly to our monthly server hosting costs. You ability to set unlimited homes and use the /back command go away when your SUB rank expires, however you can continue to use the homes you created while SUB.

Aside from our SUB rank we also offer different types of Item packages. Item packages are the only way you can get spawners. Spawners are not silkable so be careful when placing them!


Have a suggestion? Need support? Email us

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