Semi Survival Craft

Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with Grief Protection, Claims, Random Teleport, Set Homes, and No Economy. Scroll down to see more!

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Welcome to SemiSurvivalCraft!

We're a Cross Platform Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with an active community, no resets, and a whole lot more listed below! We support both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft so you can join and play on any device. We aim to provide the best Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft experience with a few extra protections and amenities.

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Semi Vanilla

Teleport randomly throughout our large map with /wild and make claims to protect your builds using a Golden Shovel. /sethome to save locations that you can teleport to later.

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You can play SemiSurvivalCraft on your Computer, Phone, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch; scroll down for more information. You can also play Minecraft: VR using Vivecraft with full support!

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/battle offers a unique environment with more freedom than the traditional PVP arena. Battlefield maps are 10x10 chunk environments protected by a dome that reset every few days.

Stay up to date

Discord is where we post all of our news and information. Join us to show off your builds and chat with our community. Here you can see our latest updates and current gameplay information. Unlock all of our discord channels when you join.

Low Latency Gameplay

We're hosted on our very own dedicated server located in a real datacenter. Rest assured knowing that our server is fully protected from DDoS attacks and will remain online even if an attack takes place.

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Land Sign Icon Land Claims

All player claims are protected and can not be modified by anyone else. You will need to /trust your friends to give them access to your land.

Building Icon Homes

Homes allow you to save positions that you can teleport to at anytime. Everyone starts with a single /home and gains +1 extra home every time they rank up.

Switches Icon No Economy

We do not use an economy plugin, our currency is in-game items. Players trade with each other or create their own redstone based shops.

Shop Icon NPC Market

Our NPC market at /spawn allows you to buy a wide range of different items using Gold. We have this to keep even your largest build ideas within range.

Creeper Icon Hard Mode

We're a Hard mode server which means hostile mobs deal more damage, the hunger bar can deplete and cause starvation, and zombies can break through wooden doors.

Lightning Bolt Icon Large Biomes

Our world has been generated using the Large Biome Generation flag, this means that biomes on SemiSurvivalCraft are larger than normal Minecraft servers.

Iron Ingot Vote Rewards

Vote for SemiSurvivalCraft to increase your in-game rank and earn a free gift, the higher your rank the more homes you will be able to set. Open each of the following vote sites and enter your in-game player name. Reminder! Bedrock accounts need to add the _in front of their name while voting.

Every vote earns the following in-game rewards: 1x Vote Point, +50 claimblocks, 16x Bottle o'Enchanting, 2x Gold Ingots, 8x Iron Ingots, and 4x Cooked Beef. Voting on 4 sites will earn a daily bonus of +50 claimblocks.

New players need to /vote at least once to unlock the /msg and /tpa commands.

Vote Website Links

Trophy Ingot SUB Rank

SUB is an in-game rank that grant players either the [SUB] or [SUB+] prefix along with other additional freedoms. Players with the SUB rank are immune from AFK and VPN kicks and can also join the server if it's full. In addition to this SUB players are able to set an unlimited amount of /sethomes and can also use the /back command to teleport back to their previous location of body if they die. Gain +5000 claimblocks for every month that you are SUB

Your purchases directly help in covering the cost of our dedicated server, website, remote backups, domain name, and other things that make SemiSurvivalCraft run. Your ability to set unlimited homes and use the /back command go away when your SUB rank expires, however you can continue to use the homes you created while SUB. We also offer a 6 months for the price of 5 option while ordering SUB.

Click here for more information about our SUB rank.


  • Access to /back
  • Access to /nick
  • Unlimited /sethome
  • Up to +30000 claimblocks
  • Phantoms do not target you
  • Immune from AFK or VPN kick

Crafting Table Connection Information

SemiSurvivalCraft is a cross platform server and allows players to connect from both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. This means that you can connect and play from any of your devices. Use the following connection information to connect to our server.

Server Address
Java Port 25565
Bedrock Port 19132
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How to Connect: Java Edition

  • Launch Minecraft: Java Edition
  • Select: Multiplayer
  • Click: Add Server
  • Enter Name SemiSurvivalCraft
  • Enter Server Address
  • Port (If required) 25565
  • Click Done

Once completed you should now see SemiSurvivalCraft in your list of Servers. Select SemiSurvivalCraft and then click on Join.

How to Connect: Bedrock, Mobile, or Console

  • Launch Minecraft
  • Select: Play
  • Select: Servers
  • Select: Add Server
  • Enter Name SSC
  • Enter Server Address
  • Port (If required) 19132
  • Click Save

Once completed you should now see SemiSurvivalCraft in your list of Servers. Select SemiSurvivalCraft and then click on Play.

Minecraft VR Server: Vivecraft

SemiSurvivalCraft supports Minecraft VR players using Vivecraft on any SteamVR device. Full setup and documentation can be seen on the Vivecraft website.

Both players using VR headsets as well as their non-headset wearing friends will need to make slight modifications in order to see the VR players hand movements.

Visit the ViveCraft Downloads page to download the current version of Vivecraft and for more information.

Play from your Console

Watch the following public video tutorials for connecting to a Minecraft server via Xbox Console or Nintendo Switch. When asked to enter a Server address use our information shown above in Connection Info

How to Connect: Xbox Console

How to Connect: Nintendo Switch

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Need Help?

If you still have questions or need help with something to do with SemiSurvivalCraft you can join our Discord Server or E-Mail us directly. Staff support is only provided via E-mail.

Email Us Discord